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To trade used goods is both economically smart and environmentally friendly. "Björkas new and replaced" goal is to give children and adults an opportunity to get pleasure from what others have had, in the advantage of a low cost.


Just we in Sweden use resources of three globes a year, so now is the time to think about their private purchases and shop more used goods to reduce the production of new goods .


Just as you can save on buying second-hand , you can also earn from selling second-hand . We sell clothes and things on commission, which means that you submit and we sell - simply, quickly and easy!


We also sell crafts and locally produced products .

This shop offers bargain, fellowship and joy ,

for both large and small.


Here you can pay quickly and easily using cards or cash.


Our shop is located in a part of our barn,

Björka Krösenlund 2, 57595 Eksjö

(about 5 km outside Eksjö towards Västervik)


Opening hours


Monday Closed

Thuesday 12-16.30

Wednesday 12-19

Thursday 12- 16.30

Friday 12-16.30

Saturdays 10-14

Holiday (swedish "red day") CLOSED



Closures 2018






Some days the shop will be closed, for example due illness. Daily information is available primarily on the facebook page





Submission rules


∞ We help you sell your second-hand children's, women's and men's clothes! Clothes in all sizes and brands, everyday, party, outerwear and accessories (jewelry, bags, hats, scarves ect).


∞ You may submit maximum 1 bag household/month with clothes. Mix how you want from kids, woman och gentleman clothes.

Shoes may be placed in a separate bag next to it.


∞ They should be used as new: freshly washed, quite and clean - simply in the condition you can think of buying used.


∞ We only have the opportunity to bring in clothes for the current season (summer clothing is submitted from April, winter clothing from September). The exception is swimwear that we sell all the year.


∞ We also accept baby accessories, books, strollers and toys. We do not accept VHS movies and not video games with the age limit of 12 years.


∞ Toys and baby items must be cleaned and functional.


∞ Sales is on commission which means that you get paid when the goods are sold. You will get back 40% of the sale price (store 60% will cover fees, VAT, taxes, insurance, premises, staff and POS terminals, etc.).


∞ We receive and selecting that which will go on sale after the condition, demand and needs (we remove things that are of use/washed out, or that do not fit our focus as a shop).

∞ We want to maintain low prices so that as much as possible of what is submitted is also sold and thus reused. If you have special wishes, we listen to you.


∞ The items are for sale for about 60 days. After the period ends, you can collect your commission in the store, or it can be deposited into your bank account. You can also shop in the store for any outstanding balance whenever you want.


∞ Ev. unsold garments and goods donated lokal and global to people in need.


∞ Do you want to have return unsold goods you got come in and look after them in the store and pick them before your sale period is over. Bigger things like for exempel strollers and car seats will remain some further time.


Nu återgår vi till de gamla normala reglerna igen!


Man får lämna in en normalstor kasse med barnkläder/skor per hushåll/månad (storlek 44-170). Och en normalstor kasse med vuxenkläder/skor per hushåll/månad (storlek xs och uppåt). Ytterplagg ska också rymmas i kassen.

Välkommen in

önskar gänget på Björkas!